We had a late night craving for ice cream. We then realised that our beach town of Ocean Grove didn’t cater to our late night needs. We thought this was bizarre, especially because we associate ice cream with the beach. So the dream of PARADISE came to us.

Tucked away on The Parade up from Ocean Grove Main Street lives PARADISE PARLOUR. Think Mexican meets tropical vibes.

Our mission is simple - to serve good ice cream. We’ve blended that with our passion of being sustainable. Everything possible in our shop is recycled, biodegradable or decomposable. We try to do everything that we can to limit our impact on the environment. Especially having plastic roaming around our beaches - yuck! So grab a scoop in a cone or in one of our bamboo cups (or BYO - we’re not gonna say no).

All of our ice creams are handmade and made of natural ingredients. This was also important to us as we don’t want to be selling something that has come from afar with all of that bad stuff in it. When we had a look at the normal shelf ice creams, we couldn’t believe the stuff that they put in it. You can rest assure that our ice cream is el natural.

We also boast rotating vegan, refined sugar, gluten free flavours.

On top of all of that good stuff, Paradise Parlour is a good place to go for some quality ice cream and good times. It’s a cool place to hang out on those warm summer days & nights. Come down for a scoop!